Climbing Moss Heart of London Walk Section 1

As you may have seen a couple of weeks ago we told you about our new walk “CMHol” well we would never expect for you to do something we hadn’t pre tested – so here is our experiences so far. Starting with Part 1 – St. Paul’s Cathedral to Hackney Wick. We are only doing a brief blog about each walk as you can see more on the individual pdfs on the specific walk page above.

We start the walk at St Pauls Cathedral the first of our photo ops and one of the most Iconic buildings in London The perfect place to start the Heart of London walk.

Then we come to our second Photo Op – Greyfriars Garden – A former Monastery now turned a National Trust site. Pretty gardens and a nice place to grab a coffee and have lunch.

We pass by a number of Points of Interest rather than photo ops – Such as Postman’s Park, The Barbican Estate, The LSO (London Symphony Orchestra’s Rehearsal rooms, The Eagle Pub and The Wenlock Arms.

Our third Photo Op is The Shepherdess Walk Mural – A pretty impressive Mosaic Mural in the far corner of the park in a Romanesque style.

Then wander across the Regents Canal you will come to another Photo Op the 5 Sisters (When you follow along see if you can name all 5)

Continue along the Regent’s Canal, past another Pub – The Rosemary Branch one of our favorite pubs in this area. Proceed along the footpath until you reach Broadway Market (Cat & Mutton Brdige) where you can go and visit some of our favorite Coffee Shops in this area.

After getting some refreshments continue along the Canal until you reach Victoria Park here you will find another Photo Op

The Chinese Pagoda.

If you follow along the pond you will pass a really bad Coffee Shop, pass over Grove Road and on towards the Eastern end of the park.

You will come to an oversized Drinking fountain.

After watching some lively dogs splash around above the signs that they cannot read. You can proceed onwards past The London Bridge Alcoves which can offer some shelter in the rainier days.

Then pass over the footbridge of the A406 and into the colorful graffiti and art covering the last point of interest in this section – The Lord Napier Star Publishing house.

Finally you come to Hackney Wick Station (Silverlink) is the end of the section.

If you want to see the route in full detail – including the history of some of these sights, the maps etc. Click this link and download the PDF. A new section will be added each week – and there will be an accompanying video on London Creatives Out and About if you want to see it there.

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