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The other day we were talking about our favorite movies and though we know that the more personal side of things may not be a a review per say but it does give you an indication of what our personal likes and dislikes are. Since from time to time we count down what TV shows we have watched, what Albums we have listened to and what Movies we would recommend. I thought we would share our Top twenty five Movies of all time.

Like most things Bob and Ash have very different likes and dislikes, this carries over to the movie/film sides of things. So we broke this up into two sections Ash’s and Bob’s, much like our Top Women and Men lists.  So First up is Ash and then will Bob’s.




25. Blinder – This makes it into my Top 25 mainly because of the amount of times Bob and I have watched it, it’s not the greatest time ever (hence the position) but it’s ok, especially for an Aussie film!

24. ChinatownClassic and so often referred to in other films, it’s said you can watch this with the sound turned off and still follow it, because it is so expressive. If you haven’t watched it, then go, go, go, watch it.

23. Performance – I have to watch this again, it’s been too long. Jagger plays a ex pop star (great stretch for him!) and Fox a gangster looking to hide out in Notting Hill (London) at the tail end of the sixties. Gritty, dark, drug fuelled and gripping. This would never be made today.

22. MetropolitanThis is a film all about the ‘The decline of the New York Bourgeoisie in the late 1980’s’ as seen from one who barely belongs, it’s slow and serious, but has fascinated me from the first time I ever watched it.

21. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Well it has to be in here doesn’t it? And if it’s not in your top 25 then you’re just hiding a secret. Truly one of the greatest musical creations of all time. Richard O’Brien is a weird, freaky, genius.

20. The Perks of being a Wallflower I prefer this to the book, although Sam should have been blonde. Ezra Miller and it has Logan Lerman in of course I’m going to like it. Oh and Emma with the pixie haircut Grrrrr!

19. Empire Strikes BackI had to have one of the original trilogy in here and if you have to pick one then it has to be TESB. The ultimate good versus evil saga of all time.

18. The Italian JobI almost forgot about this, the shame of nearly forgetting about ‘You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!’ would not have been right. Brilliant, brilliant film and again a film they just wouldn’t, couldn’t make today, it would all be film on green screen in Paramount Studios.

17. My Fair Lady‘I wanna be a Mayfair Lady!’ A family memory film and it’s really a toss up between this and Meet me in St. Louis. Great set, brilliant score and unforgettable songs. 

16. Kiss Kiss Bang BangThis is silly, funny and clever, Robert Downey and Val Kilmer are great together, it has everything a film needs, dead bodies, accidental shootings, sexy naked girls and double entendres galore. 

15. The Devil Wears PradaWow the clothes, that montage sequence of Andy emerging from the subway and crossing the road, in the ever changing outfits is a fashionista’s wettest dream and Stanley Tucci is a marvel. Bob and I have a ‘thing’ for Mr. Tucci.

14. Dazed and Confused  – This should not work as a film, the premise is so dull. The last day of school in California 1976, a mis-matched selection of kids plan their night out and set off to drink and party. That’s it. It is genius, I love it, passionately love it.

13. Fatal LoveOK this is an odd one even for this list. Molly Ringwald plays Alison Gertz, the first white female to contract AIDS in America in the 1980’s. It is depressing, heart-wrenching and so sad. but beautifully told and all from a True Stories TV Movie! 

12. Almost Famous‘It’s all Happening!” This is my most quoted film. I know it too well, mainly because I’ve watched it like 50 times. Oh how I wished I was William Miller throughout the entire film.

11. Chain ReactionDon’t say Reeves can’t act. This is a great film, a Physics student discovers a plot by the government to quieten the first working Hydrogen Reactor and in classic thriller style Reeves and Weisz charge around trying to solve the mystery.

10. Meet me in St. Louis –  One of the best musicals ever, with one of the most beautiful people ever (Judy Garland), great songs and a perfect feel good Christmas film. This is my family’s favourite, Once while decorating my nephews bedroom, he started singing ‘Meet me in St. Louis, Louie…’ and soon everyone was singing along. He was 10 at the time!

9. The Black HoleDisney brilliance, again how dark and gruesome is this. Today Disney won’t even let kids see someone being stabbed, but 30 years ago they made dark, evil satanic robots, mutated cyborgs and redneck droids called Bob! For years I hate Ernest Borgnine because he was a coward in this film!

8. The Birdcage I first saw this film during the BFI National Film Day, where you go and watch films for £1. During the screening, the woman next to me screamed and laughed so hard and she grabbed my hand as she tried to catch her breath. I have never laughed so hard as I did during that 90+ minutes. There was one moment where everyone laughed and then the cinema went silent, as a collective intake of breath was gasped at, then everyone laughed at that noise. It still has my in hysterics to this day. 

7. It’s a Wonderful LifeMy ultimate Christmas film, I have to space it out to every 2 years now. It makes me cry at the end, every time I watch it. I still think the build-up of George’s life was a bit long, but who an I to critique the genius of Frank Capra.

6. ClerksAdam Smith is a genius, This film was filmed through the night in the Quick Stop, every night for 21 days, once Smith had shut up the store and is the perfect description of life as a sales clerk. The one question that never got answered is whether Caitlin left Danté for an Asian guy studying Design, or was he studying Asian Design?!

5. ClueA group of strangers are invited to a house in the country for dinner, by Mr. Body. All the gang are here, Col. Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Rev. Green, et al and soon the bodies start falling. But who killed who and where and with what? Tim Curry is brilliant as the butler and the ensemble of great actors carries this farce from start to finish. I love this film for it’s complete silliness.

4. Empire Records‘It’s Rex Manning Day!’ And all of the misfits that work at Empire Records are on their best or is that their worst behaviour for the special day. I have two copies of the DVD because one wore out, I’ve watched it that much. It’s the ultimate record shop to work in, no wonder Warren will do anything to work there!

3. Wonder BoysThis film is a mix of actors I both love and (usually) dislike, but in this I think they hit their perfect roles. Michael Douglas as Grady Tripp is an acclaimed author struggling to finish his follow-up. That moment he types the page number on the manuscript, I am totally with him. The events of the weekend during the annual Word-Fest are dark and weirdly compelling. If I ever recommend a film it is this one. So go watch it. 

2. Back to the FutureI know this film word for word, from “October is inventory month at… Hey Doc, you here?” to “Roads! Where we’re going we don’t need roads!” It’s great through and through. Shame BTTF2 is such a let down, as 3 isn’t bad either

1. Blade Runner (The US Theatre Release). – I make the point of naming the US. Theatre Release as my definitive version of this film, there are so many different versions, cuts and endings of this 1980’s Sci-Fi classic, but for me the white horse free version makes the most sense. The neon and rain, the contrast between the squalid streets and the plush high tower living, the atmosphere, the lighting, the music and the cast make for the best film ever. Shame 2049 was such a let down, it deserved a better sequel.


We hope this gives you some idea of what we love.

What are you favorite movies?

Do you have any recommendations?

Leave a comment below and give us a follow on social media.

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