It’s Coffee Time!

It’s only been a few weeks but we have been to more coffee shops and had lots more coffee. Here is our new finds.

Crepe Affaire Stratford

Trying to find a decent coffee in Stratford Westfield is like trying to find a a marshmallow in the sea! So we eventually stopped at Crepe Affaire one of the kiosks on the ground floor and were surprised to find that they are the only coffee bar that have alternative milks in the entire centre.

The female staff member was very helpful, the guy was more interested in flirting with the shop girls and trying to flex his non-existent muscles. Still she went out of her way to help and made a really nice coffee.

Maybe it was the low expectations, but whatever it was it was one that should we find ourselves back in the land of bad fake tans and too much perfume we would head back to for more caffeine. 

  Love Brownies (Angel N1)

This is a tiny shop at the edge of Camden Passage in Angel, it does what it says on the outside, it makes Vegan Brownies and yummy they seem too (we tried the test pieces – purely for this post of course!).

The Brownie Mocha is however an odd taste, not one we will rush back for more.

Bob may return because she fancied the girl serving in there, but otherwise it’s not bad.

  Miki’s Paradise (Holloway Rd)

This little place in Holloway Rd must be a great place for the students that attend the Metropolitan University across the road, it’s small, quirky and friendly. It’s just not a great location, but they make best of it.

We ordered two Soya Mocha’s and an Avocado Toastie with Feta and it was pretty good, it’s just given we were the only ones in there ordering it took over 15 minutes to make the coffee and another 10 for the sandwich, we suspect they were making the feta themselves. The cups and plates though interesting are all chipped and have sharp edges etc, so be careful. But the staff are nice and should we go back we may well return – if we aren’t in a hurry!

Tortilla (Westfields)

While not coffee we should talk about the Food Court at Westfields, there is plenty of variety of main meals, not so much the small snacks or sandwiches, in the choice of food if you are a meat eater, but limited choice for the Veggie, even getting puzzled looks from a number of staff at the counters when you ask for the Vegetarian options. So we picked Tortilla The Burrito and Taco company. The Veg Burrito was quite good, rather messy as it fell apart quickly, but it was worth it. 

Well a small roundup but an interesting one all the same, We would still like recommendations for any little indy coffee shops out there to try.

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