Beer in the post

When we posted about using Untapp’d the week we got a popup that actually looked interesting.

Beer52 is one of those subscription beer delivery services and through Untapp’d they were running a promo offering free beer, well that was an offer worth looking into.

We took Beer52 up on the offer, which was 8 beers for free we just had to pay the postage and no subscription tie in.

So on Friday we order the beers and on Saturday morning a courier arrived with a box.

Inside were indeed 8 beers, a magazine and a snack.

So what did we get?

1x – Northern Monk – Origin IPA

1x – Tempest – Elemental Dark Ale

1x – The Garden Brewery – Hazy Pale

1x – The Garden Brewery – Chocolate and Pecan Milk Stout

1x – Big Smoke – Medicine Man

1x – Big Smoke – Dark Wave

1x – Five Points – Micro Pale

1x – Trzech Kumpli – PIA Session IPA

A magazine about some informative and well written articles all about beer and a helpful listing about the beers in the box.

All great The only issues we had was with the Snack – We as you know (Well Bob really) is/are Vegetarian and so we noticed this more than most would. But Pork Scratching, really? How to offend a large number of your potential new customers in one simple packet. Meat, from a pig as a freebie!

We would suggest maybe Wasabi Peas or a pack of crisps, not dried skin of a pig!

Well it’s a minor gripe and well honestly the dog didn’t complain!

And secondly –  They have a guide in the magazine…

And there are No Sours, not in the selection of free beers and not in their shop – well there are 3 – Bob loves her sours as you may know and it isn’t like there aren’t that many out there, but clearly Beer52 are like Ash and are not fans of sour!

But the beers aren’t bad, we always have issues with 330ml cans of beer, such a small can and usually so expensive, but these were practically free so not such an issue, we just wouldn’t be buying them by choice.

We haven’t had a chance to try them all but take a look at our Untapp’d to see what we thought of them.

As for the Subscription service, well that is easy to get out of, either call the company or email them and a day later you’ll get a really nice, personal email from one of the staff.

We haven’t cancelled our subscription yet, we are going to order another box next month and go from there, because we know we can cancel anytime we want.

Other incentives to stay are you earn points with each order, get to 800 and level up, earning discounts in their shop and invite friend to earn extra points too.

So follow this link and you can try it yourself and we will get some added points:

So what do we think? Well it’s not bad and we said we are going to try it some more, but it’s not likely to replace our local Bottle Shop, where we get preferential treatment and exactly what we want, rather than pot luck.

But the few beers they do have (that we would want )seem reasonably priced, but it seems you may have to buy a £50 minimum to get free shipping or pay the £4.50p+p.

So what do you think? Try it and tell us what you think. Use the link if you want! Then let us know your thoughts.

Until next time.



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