More Coffee Please!

It’s that time again, that time for what is the most common of our posts here on Climbing-Moss, yes a Coffee Shop post.

This time we have found new indy coffee shops & Bubble Tea Shops all over the capital as we have wandered about in our adventures and endeavours and so here is what we have found…

So first off…

Tana – Brixton Hill

We went in search of the Windmill atop of Brixton Hill the other week and what we found was a waste of time, but the coffee shop around the corner, though it was shutting as we got there was the best part of a grey and miserable day.

Ran by a lovely Turkish lady who chatted as she made the 2x Soya Mochas, seemed to know a lot about her area and made us feel welcome in the five minutes we were in her shop. It is one of those shops that will go onto our map under the ‘If we are in the area’ section.

Bubble Bee – Highbury Grove

We had seen Bubble Bee Bubble Tea shop pop up at the end of the parade of shops on the end of Highbury Grove/St Paul’s Rd when we passed by a few weeks back and endeavoured to try it out next time we were in the area. The shop is quaint and filled with brightly coloured decor and we ordered 2 standard drinks, 1 Coffee Brown Sugar & 1 Chocolate Brown Sugar after trying to get help and information from the man in there, but he was of no use (so we stuck to a safe bet).

The order took aaaaaaages! And was so incredibly sweet it was hard to drink, we think it was half sugar and half tapioca pearls it honestly didn’t taste like any bubble tea we have ever drank before. It wasn’t good and we won’t be back!

Lola’s Cupcakes – Cabot’s Place, Canary Wharf

We were once again under Canary Wharf in the shopping centre, this time is was a lot more crowded than last time we were there (surprising given it was a Saturday afternoon). We didn’t just want to go to the usual Pret, Leon or Brera (which we tried last time). We spotted a pair of kiosks at the end of the walkway, Joe Blake’s looked busy but the cups were Clerkenwell style & sized (thimbles of froth) so we went over to Lola’s Cupcakes also figuring that Cupcakes would mean better chocolate in our Soya Mocha’s.

The service was quick and the chocolate was good, it wasn’t particularly hot and the flavour wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t bad and if we find ourselves under Canada Tower again we would go back to Lola for a half decent coffee.

Ding Tea – Angel, N1

This new Bubble Tea Shop has been threatening to open for ages, eventually it did open and we went in on day one, eager for a new Bubble Tea Shop rather than relying on Lily Jasmine in Camden Passage.

We ordered – as usual it’s way more confusing than it needs to be, but ended up with 1 Brown Sugar Pearl with Oat and 1 with Soya, because whomever made the drinks didn’t take heed of the labels stating we wanted 2 of the same.

We took our drinks and wandered to Islington Green, the drinks were ok, they weren’t great and we decided if ever we are in Angel there really is only one place (still) to get a Bubble Tea.

Coffee Joint & Gelataria – Newington Green

Newington Green has a lot of coffee shops and cafés and we’ve tried most of them, without too much success, but we found this one the other week and figured, why not! Bob and Bruffin took their chance with a Black Americano & A Latte and found a really nice coffee. The food looked good but £3.50 for a Croissant is a bit steep and so we not sampled.

The Orangery – Kew Gardens

An insight to a future post, we needed a coffee after a long trek around the gardens over in Richmond the other day and thankfully the Orangery was there to serve. It’s one of those giant places where you order the drinks then head out to the tills and the registrar takes your word on what you bought. We however paid for the 2 Soya Mochas (with liquid chocolate) and wandered off sipping at the drinks, which weren’t very hot, but that was ok as it was the warmest day in a while and the extra heat wasn’t needed.

And whoa, yum! The slightly hazelnut chocolate made for a wonderful coffee, that didn’t last nearly long enough!

Well there you go a full list of good and bad, coffee and Bubble Tea places to try should you be in the area. ave you been, have you tried any of them? We will be back with more posts soon so see’ya soon!

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