Fold your BTS

The old Tower Records building on Piccadilly Circus (Corner of Piccadilly and Regent’s Street) is now home to Samsung’s giant showroom and viewing experience and with it a unique chance to win prizes linked to the KPop sensations BTS. So we went to see what the fuss is all about and try our luck at the prize draw…

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Phones are those cool phones you may have seen if you have watched any K-dramas or similar, anywhere that someone has a cool futuristic mobile, it’s probably one of these.

Samsung sponsor many of the dramas usually making for some truly blatant product placements in the middle of a scene, they also sponsor a number of KPop bands including BlackPink and of course BTS and it’s this collaboration that is promoted all around the new London Store.

You enter the building which is predominantly decorated in light purple, with large screens showing BTS music videos all filmed on the Samsung, Photos of the members holding the phones and tons of staff meandering around waiting to point you in the right directions and try and sell you a phone or some other kind of tech.

So upon entering you receive a cardboard foldable map with some blank circles on the back ready to be stamped – you have to go to each of the mapped sections to collect all the stamps – there should be 15 in all.

You start on the lower floors – there is no stamps to receive on this level but there is some Galaxy Tablets that you can play with – You are supposed to write messages to BTS but we had a go at drawing with the pen and seeing how it measured up to the iPad.

You go up to the second floor and you end up with a number of staff rushing towards you asking if its your first time – then eagerly taking your maps and showing you where to walk where you need to go and who to talk to.

There are some rooms where you can design your own color schemed phones and see what it would look like in person.

Some rooms where you can ask members of staff any questions about the devices and they can show you demos.

In each of these rooms members of staff armed with stamps ask you facts about the tech/demo in exchange for a little mark on the map.

There is a funky Purple Light room where you are encouraged to take a photo and post on social media its very pretty.

There is a headphone station too, where you can try out the Samsung ear buds – naturally we tried them out by playing Itzy and Stray Kids.

Now one of the annoyances with the whole experience is the collection is incomplete for some bizarre reason you cannot collect any of the first row in Piccadilly, the number 9 on the second but you can get the whole of the third row. This drove the OCD in me crazy but Ash didn’t really care.

Once the stamps were stamped and we had seen all we had to see we took our stamped map to the people at the capsule vending machine who took our cards and picked 2 balls. The prizes range from stickers and posters to Phones and tablets even BTS concert tickets! However we won a tote bag, some photo cards and stickers not the greatest haul but it was an experience.

So if you are in the area and want something to do for a hour or are in the market for a new phone or just looking for some BTS merch this may be for you.

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