The world of idiots shows itself again

So we posted our Top 100 just before Christmas and immediately we started getting stupid comments. Granted we don’t get a lot of comments (nudge nudge) so as soon as our notifications started dinging we were excited.

Now we are used to the occasional spam comments and what not which unfortunately is part of life but abusive… well thats where we draw the line.

As soon as Ash’s Top 100 women went up the Thursday before Christmas we started getting stupid, inane comments about how we have no taste or that our choices were wrong and we should die! We do this count down as a bit of fun, something to look at and just because it has previously been received with somewhat nice or fun comments.

This year we have had to decline almost all these messages and marked them as spam, because of how rude or abusive they were, so you’ll just have to take our word for it, because we didn’t want to keep them.

For both Ash’s Top Women and Bob’s Top Women we were getting.

‘You look different in all your pictures, but I’d still like to shag your tits’

Fuck these are ugly tarts show us some real women!”

And a few more we will not even paraphrase due to being sexist, derogatory, rude and more than half the time, racist. 


When Bob’s Top Men went up two days later the abuse against us really started. why you may ask? Because number 4 is Timothy Granaderos, who is an actor who plays a jock in ’13 Reasons Why’. His character is a jackass, who raped a boy with a broom stick – HIS CHARACTER NOT HIM.

But it seems some of the world’s population don’t seem to understand that actors – act, they portray roles, they are not the characters. He is not a jerk who goes round raping people with brooms. But that was the abuse that he seems to get every single day, he’s been beaten up, abused online, in person all because people cant seem to get the concept of acting in their heads. We got a taste of it with this with these comments.

You like a rapist you F*****g w*****s

Again we could go into more of the comments but why bother you get the gist.

Normally we would let this go but I mean how can people be so stupid? 

giphy (1).gif

Also why can’t people just get on with their lives and stop needlessly hating on everything that everyone else does. It is not your Top 100! It is not your taste in women or in men! Obviously all of those people in the slideshows are NOT the same people! Nor are they us. I mean can we make this any clearer? Plus can we stop demonising actors please? What their characters do or don’t do are in no reflection to the people they are in their personal lives nor do they belong to anyone but themselves. 

If you want to leave a comment… A logical one.

Maybe connect your brain to your fingers before you type?

Rant over.

Now let’s get on to a New Year and new things, see you next week with a new post.

4 thoughts on “The world of idiots shows itself again

  1. Just leaving a comment to assure you there are not just weird people reading your posts.. I hope despite all this weirdness you guys will still keep writing about stuff you like and love, without feeling held back by people who obviously have no idea how to make this world a better place.. Keep up the good work! And a happy new year!


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