2022 What a Year

Well that’s all over with!

2002 has been eventful once again and here is hat we did, what we thought and what we liked/disliked.

We went walking – Capital Ring, we looked for Coffee Shops, we went for a beer or two, we said goodbye to our favourite climbing wall and we reviewed a random selection of products, but in all the highs and lows were…

What we liked

Capital Ring

Although there was a lot faults with Capital Ring (mainly the eversion to grass – maybe it has hay fever?) It did get us out walking, exploring and finding new places, making new animal friends- even some we have returned to.

Greenwich Festival

Another return to see the new installations in Greenwich – There was a more eclectic mix this time -some were better than others as could see from our posts.


Just a fun little show that introduced us to some new music and some new women to add to the top 100.

Wicca Moon

Stumbled upon Wicca Moon on our Capital ring walk and found the nicest/knowledgable Crystal/wiccan shop – we have returned many times.


Our entertainment is made of predominantly k-dramas now so it was only right we reviewed them…

Sea Life Aquarium

Finally we went to the aquarium and saw the fishes!

Wasn’t bad

We hunted for a dragon in the city

The overall hunt was fun but the end was rubbish.

Rock Tumbler

As reviewed Loud and Very Slow

Beer Fest

Less choice, less stock and more drunk people.

God’s Junkyard

Bright lights but not as spectacular as everyone said.


A bit slow!!

Was Bad

Vegan Market


Coffee Award

It’s been a good year for new coffee shops, mostly due to the fact that we have been out of our usual locations and found new places, thanks to the Capital Ring, so with that said, here are the Best Coffee Shop All Over London for 2022

Fabio’s Debden Station – Review here

Simply Organique Manor House – Review here

Well Bean Bakers – Gallion’s Reach – Review here

The Green Quarter Southall – Review here

Shotsmiths Coffee Clock House – Review here

The Greenery Turnpike Lane – Review here

Whisk – Wimbledon Park – Review here

The best Chain Coffee Shops this year is/are

Colicci – Review here

These Art Deco Kiosks in the Royal Parks are surprising, The St. James’ Park Kiosk won our vote for Best Coffee of 2021 and then this year we discovered they are a chain and are everywhere, from Hyde Park to Richmond and every one serves a mighty fine brew, but if we have to give one of them the top award, it’s Ritz Corner in Green Park and the award for Best Barista of the year goes to Maurice!!

The Alley Camden – Review here

OK Technically Tea or Bubble Tea, but the best Bubble Tea all year!

But hands down the best Coffee all year is a totally random one…

Maya’s Chai – Preston Park – Review here

We stumbled into Preston Park thinking ‘We are never going to find any coffee here’ and low and behold, a HUGE CUP of really – Like REALLY great Coffee awaited us. It’s just a shame it’s not a local or even somewhere we will detour to pop by. Maybe one day!

Worst Coffee (If you can call it that!) Award

Whiskers & Cream – Upper Holloway – Review here

Gardener’s Cottage Cafe – Valentine’s Park – Review here

13th Floor – St Mary’s Church Coffee Kiosk – Review here

But if you can believe it this was not the worst coffee of 2022, no, that goes to a joint winner/losers

Simit Sarayi (Harringay) – Review here

Café Marrone Shadwell Station E1 – Review here

So that’s another year over! so what’s to look forward to in 2023, apart from a massive heating bill! Well funny you should ask…

CMHoL – Yes we are in the midst of something big (For Us!) an exclusive, dedicated page and links to our YouTube Channel

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